Add your name: Taiwan must act against dolphin killing, shark finning and human rights abuses

EJF's latest investigation uncovered illegal shark finning and killing of dolphins and turtles, as well as human rights abuses, in Taiwan’s tuna export industry.

Crew reported being ordered to remove shark fins and throw the bodies overboard. The sharks suffocate or bleed to death. Our oceans are already under pressure, and these cruel practices must end.

Some of the boats caught and killed dolphins. The dolphins were harpooned and dragged along the side of the boat until they were dead or exhausted, then butchered and used as bait to catch the sharks.

EJF will be writing to the Taiwanese president, calling on the country to take action.

Taiwan must investigate illegal fishing and human rights abuse, prosecute the vessels and companies involved to stop similar abuses in the future.

We will also be calling on them to adopt EJF's ten, simple measures for transparency in fisheries - an essential step towards ethical, legal and sustainable fisheries.

Support our campaign by adding your name now. When we write to the Taiwanese president, your support will be vital in highlighting how important it is that she acts.