Donate to help shut down wildlife markets forever

Wildlife markets are responsible for new diseases like COVID-19, they are rapidly depleting populations of wild animals and leave a trail of misery and destruction in their wake. Our petition to shut down wildlife markets has been signed by people on every continent. Can you keep this campaign going?

More than two thirds of emerging infectious diseases have their origins in animals. COVID-19 and other zoonotic diseases ­– where the illness jumps from animals to humans – have been linked to cruelty-ridden wildlife markets, where rare and endangered animals like pangolins, tigers and bears are kept and sold.

To protect our health and dwindling wildlife populations these markets must be shut down. 

Your support is vital to make this happen. With you joining the movement, we can

  • keep putting pressure on governments around the world to act;
  • develop more award-winning films to shine a light on the huge cost of wildlife markets
  • build a powerful global movement for change.

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