Jethro Buck Print for EJF


Jethro Buck is a painter with a special interest in Indian miniature painting. He applies traditional techniques, often using hand ground pigments, to explore and celebrate the natural world. Produced from his 2019 painting Mammals Past - 20,000 BC, Jethro has generously donated a limited edition print (75 in total, provided unframed) to EJF, with 100% of sale proceeds going to support our work.

Jethro says: "The natural world is beautiful and each living creature is a miracle, making up the great tapestry of life. Complex eco-systems take millions of years to come about and it is our duty to look after them. Even though we are part of the web of life and have the unique potential to contemplate and love this very fact, we also have the capacity to destroy this very same web".

I watched David Attenborough’s recent documentary on climate change and was shocked by the statistic that only 4% of the world’s mammalian biomass is wild. 96% is made up of mankind and our domesticated livestock. Essentially, Planet Earth has become a big farm.

The Earth is not made up of humans alone, so I think it is vital we find and maintain space for wildness."

EJF is grateful for the invaluable support of the Crane Kalman Gallery in this initiative. Jethro’s exhibition at the gallery - Wild Things - opened on the 21st of November 2019. Please see for more details.

This is an archival limited edition by Jethro Buck on Hahnemüle German Etching 310gsm paper. Image size: 60 x 60cm. Paper size: 70 x 70cm.