Petition: tell world leaders to protect our ocean and climate

Our ocean gives us every second breath. It absorbs around a third of the CO2 we pump out, and has taken in over a nuclear bomb’s worth of heat every second for the past 150 years. It underpins our climate system and keeps our planet habitable: It is the blue beating heart of our planet.
We call on national governments to recognise the critical importance of our ocean and blue carbon in the fight against the climate emergency. Specifically, we urge our leaders to:

1. Include specific, legally binding targets to protect and restore blue carbon environments in their updated Nationally Determined Contribution implementation plans;
2. Commit to the 30x30 ocean protection plan and designate 30% of the ocean as ecologically representative marine protected areas by 2030;
3. Agree an international moratorium on deep sea mining to protect the deep sea from irreversible, large-scale harm.
Restoration and protection of our marine habitats must take place alongside ambitious decarbonisation implemented across all sectors. Read the full open letter here.